十二月 6th, 2012

NaturaCare® – Pioneering American Healthcare Reform

By Annie Pierce

Early in 2012, while listening to all the political commotion about “mandatory Healthcare” in the news, I started thinking about establishing a Health and Wellness Ministry as a solution to the American Health system, which for the past century has proven to strategically make and keep American citizens, sick, hospitalized and dying in nursing homes, with dangerous drugs, surgery and radiation.  I personally believe that the best form of healthcare is “self-care”, where people take full responsibility for their own health and the health of their families, and educate themselves and family members about the historically proven, natural health treatments and therapies already in place for hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of years, which have healed millions of people around the world.   Divine Spirit finally revealed the name, NaturaCare®, to me only after I had been introduced to Earthing, The Healing Codes, The Emotion Code, and The Body Code,  where people can be healed by Practitioners located anywhere in the world, thousands of miles away!

Over the past several years, my research has proven to me that our bodies will heal themselves of ANY disease, if we provide the right environment of quality Oxygen, Water, Food, Sunshine, Rest, Exercise, direct Earth Connection, and minimal stress!   Unfortunately, as you well know, the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries have led many people to become totally dependent on Prescription Drugs which only cover-up the visible symptoms, rather than attacking the true CAUSE of any disease. We believe that given the right environment and opportunity, our bodies are well-designed to heal themselves!

It’s time for the American people to revisit their natural state of wellness and vitality, and I believe with a team of  quality Natural Healing Providers, like yourself, that the  NaturaCare® Healing Network will make it easy and affordable for all people to do exactly that!

BECOME a NaturaCare® Healing Provider for FREE!

We understand that most Americans do not understand Energy Medicine and other forms of Natural Alternative Healing, so we are being creative and inviting a wide variety of Natural Healing Professionals, who do not mind helping us to EDUCATE THE PUBLIC by sharing knowledge about their field of healing!  Please help us to TEACH THE PEOPLE, so that they may become WELL…NATURALLY!

NaturaCare® Healing Provider Benefits include:

  • Free Listing in the Online Practitioner Directory on the NaturaCare® website
  • Ability to write educational articles for NaturaCare® website

Ask about the following additional services:

  •  Eligible for business highlights in the Online Newsletter
  • Inclusion of YOUR Client Testimonials on the NaturaCare® website in the category of your choice!

We hope that you see the benefits for your practice and choose to become a Healing Provider for the NaturaCare® Healing Network!

Please call 323-299-9709 to receive guidelines for your FREE Directory Listing.


Thank you for your support!


*NaturaCare® is a division of Youth Publications, Inc., a non-profit 501 (c)(3) California corporation.  All payment receipts will appear as tax deductible donations to Youth Publications, Inc.



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