What’s The Difference?…Naturopathic vs. Allopathic Medicine..

January 11th, 2013

For all of my life, I have been blessed to be able to fully embrace a "natural" lifestyle.  I stopped going to the hair dresser, replaced lotion with Olive oil for hair and body care, stopped eating beef and pork, went vegetarian for a number of years, cured myself of breast cancer 25 years ago, using herbs and a totally 100% raw diet, stopped using deodorants and antiperspirants, and now, thoroughly embrace and enjoy the way natural and Organic foods make my body feel!  In the past several years, besides the dentist, the only "doctors" that I have visited for "check-ups" have been a Naturopathic doctor and an Iridologist to assist in keeping me on the wellness path of life.  My understanding of Naturopathic Medicine is that it is thoroughly based in "prevention" of disease, rather than making the disease's symptoms temporarily disappear, leaving the true cause of the disease behind!  I thought that this article by Dr. Dagstani, explaining the difference between the two approaches to medicine might assist others in finding their own TRUTH about medical treatment.  Enjoy!  :-D

Naturopathic Medicine « Dr. Nael Dagstani, NMD


Dr. Dagstani is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. Naturopathic medicine is devoted to understanding the root causes of chronic illness and then using a personalized medicine approach to intervene and reverse these

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