Announcement: What is TAT?

January 2nd, 2013

TAT or Tapas Acupressure Technique was developed in 1993 by Tapas Fleming, an Acupuncturist in California. Whilst doing allergy work she came up with a wonderful new way to help her patients end allergic reactions and traumatic stress.

Over the years, TAT has been used hundreds of thousands of times by individuals world-wide to achieve better health and greater happiness. We are honored to offer these treatments at the Energy Therapy Centre.

The TAT 'procedure' is very gentle with very powerful potential. A person doesn't have to have vision of the origins of their pain or disharmony in order to use TAT. The procedure, together with your focus on the trauma for example, creates a connection between the cell's memory and your function of vision. The TAT procedure (pose) itself generates energy in your brain's vision centres. When you review the trauma, it becomes physically, mentally and emotionally integrated within moments. The transformational experience of TAT has a meditative quality and goes beyond conscious awareness.

TAT`s basic theory suggests that a trauma is a stuck moment that keeps causing stress. Saying 'No' in that original moment created a tension because it really did happen. The problem arises in that some part of you is still telling it 'No!'. In the moment of trauma, some part of you felt "I can't survive if this happens to me." So you said 'No' to it. This creates a duality and is called a yin-yang imbalance in traditional Chinese medicine. This means that you create "I'm over here and I'm keeping that trauma over there, away from me." The resulting stress is significant because the trauma isn't over there, it is a real part of you and continues to stress your system by continually trying to hold off the experience of the trauma. When you use a thought in an attempt to deny reality it creates negative energy patterns that impact your life and health by causing your energy to stagnate.

TAT is extremely effective for ending stress, especially traumatic stress, freedom from allergic reactions and gaining self-confidence and a positive outlook on life. There are so many ways to describe the results of TAT - integration, harmony, peace, unity, connectedness, oneness and wholeness are a few of the terms people have used to express how they feel after a TAT session.

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