Announcement: What is Psych-K? By Robert Williams

December 6th, 2012

Since its inception in 1988, much has changed with PSYCH-K. In the beginning it was used primarily to address mental and emotional obstacles to happiness among those individuals seeking a better life. Obstacles like self-esteem, relationships, prosperity, as well as health and body issues. It was often described as a psychological process that could be used to improve life, mentally, emotionally, and physically. For over 20 years it has been a popular tool for change with lay people and mental healthcare professionals alike.

Over time it has expanded beyond its earlier designation, to reflect the evolving needs of humanity. The ever-increasing awareness of the role of spirituality in our lives has become paramount. The fact that many people have discovered the use of PSYCH-K for accelerating one’s spiritual evolution, is fast becoming the most popular application of this amazing method for change. Hence, today PSYCH-K is popularly characterized more as a kind of spiritual process with psychological benefits.

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