Rasayana: Oil Pulling Therapy

December 12th, 2012

Rasayana: Oil Pulling Therapy

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Discover the ease of  the powerful Oil Pulling Therapy for you entire mouth and teeth!
Oil Pulling is a powerful Therapy that addresses many dis-eases of the mouth and body.  One of the obvious results is the fixing of loosened teeth, stopping gum bleeding, sensitive teeth, gums and whitening of the teeth. Mouth sores, ulcers, bad breath, coated tongue, etc.  The benefits are too many to list here!  Perform the Therapy and FEEL and SEE the healing take place!
  • Nickole Ambriati

    Where are the reviews/advice:( need some before I try this on myself and also what product would be the best bennificial one for this home remedy.Thank you &;hope to hear back from someone who has tried this and what they experienced.

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