Opening Your (Heart) Mind To Energy Medicine and Healing

January 11th, 2013

I know that Energy Medicine and Healing are new, “way-out” mental concepts for most people. The thought that we can sit at home, on the telephone, with an Energy Medicine Healer, and be healed, is so far-removed from what we have been mentally programmed to believe how healing can be administered by a ‘doctor’, that its seems too miraculous to be true! that’s why it’s very necessary for us to start “thinking” again with our “heart-brains”, rather than our “mental-brains”, because our hearts are more aligned with TRUTH!

I thought this article was a nice “historical” analysis of how humans view new and unusual concepts, and WHY!… Enjoy! 😀

Energy Medicine: Why Isn’t It More Popular? | Enlightening Media


When it comes to energy medicine and energy healing devices, I feel like a lot of us are like the people who were scared of the radio, or flatout refused to believe in it! So why is this? Well, I think it’s pretty obvious- Energy

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