My Horse Is More Relaxed and Loving!

January 10th, 2013

I had heard about energy clearing online and found a program I was interested in. We moved and I didn’t have a chance to have it done. I moved my horses to our new location and soon I met Kim. She was walking by my horses and talking to them and appreciating them. She told me she was newly trained in energy healing and it was the same program I read about 6 months earlier! I couldn’t believe what a coincidence it was and I knew it was for me! Kim cleared my horses first and I noticed a change immediately. My 21 year old mare was a rescued horse and wasn’t very loving and she never really acknowledged me. Now she puts her nose up to mine and is so much more relaxed. She made a big turn a round. I really feel a connection with both of them that wasn’t there before. Next, Kim performed a clearing on me and after a few sessions I feel better and more loving and more forgiving. A lot of the negative feelings I held on to for years have just fallen away. No sadness or anger with letting them go. I woke up a week later and didn’t feel the anguish inside that I had for years. My Father recently passed away and I don’t think I could have gotten through it without the clearing. His death wasn’t piled on top of the old heap of negativity I was carrying around. Many of the emotions I felt were sad, no doubt, and there were many tears, however, the feelings were able to pass right through me without hanging around and I feel better each day since his passing.

The best part of the clearing was when I suggested it to my 28 year son. Kim gave him a rundown of the process showing him how easy it was and he agreed to it. His session didn’t take long and afterwards he didn’t feel any different. We forgot about it and didn’t mention it again. My son went through a lot when I divorced his Father when he was 4 and then he went to live with his Dad when he was 7. We were inseparable but because of extenuating circumstances living with his father was the best thing for him. I always felt this took a toll on his heart because even though he had girlfriends in High School he never found a girlfriend in his 20’s. Kim did great work with him because three months later he got back together with his old girlfriend and they are happy and doing very well. Kim helped him clear his block to intimacy and his “heart wall”. He is so happy and it is great to see him enjoying his life. My husband is next and we plan to have all our kids see Kim in the next year. We can’t wait.

Kim stays focused on the healing portion of the emotions so I never felt uncomfortable about past hurts or incidences that caused me pain. I didn’t have to re-live the bad experiences in my life which traditional therapy does. In a few sessions I was cleared and I plan on going back for a “tune-up” from time to time. Kim is all about the healing and she is doing a great service to the world through her healing! You will be amazed.

Cheryl J.
Hidden Valley Lake, CA

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