Announcement: How the Healing Codes Work – By Dr. Alex Loyd

November 25th, 2012


Even though we have known for a long time that destructive energy patterns cause stress and health problems, little is being done by modern medicine to resolve these patterns. The reason you haven’t heard more about these truths is that no one has found a reliable, consistent, predictable, validated way to change destructive energy patterns to healthy ones in the body. Moreover, even attempting to do so does not fit the paradigm of modern medicine, which is focused on biochemistry, not bio-energy. Based on our experience and research, however, we believe that healing these destructive energy patterns is precisely what The Healing Codes does. And the news is even better than that! The Healing Codes works without our having to be consciously aware of the destructive images, beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are being healed.

The hidden fuse box in the body that we spoke of earlier is collectively located in four locations on the neck and head. When these areas are showered with healthy energy, that energy spreads to the destructive images stored in the body/mind, ultimately affecting the physiology of the body. This showering of positive, healthy energy is done by the hands and fingers which, when focused, constantly emit healthy energy that flows from all areas of the body.


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