noviembre 14th, 2012

Our ultimate goal at NaturaCare®  is for all of our Members to learn how to heal themselves and live in a continuous state of natural WELLNESS, and when necessary, have a CHOICE as to how their illness is treated and exactly who treats them.

NaturaCare® Membership is purposely affordable, and most likely very minimal in comparison to your existing monthly Healthcare Insurance costs.  And if you are among the 46.3 Million Americans without Health Insurance, this could be one of the very best opportunities for you to learn how to make and maintain maximum wellness for yourself and your family for the rest of your lives!  In either case, NaturaCare® will expose you to the wonderful world of  Natural Healing Therapies, some of which, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home or office to receive the healing benefits!


ADULT PLAN  ($2/mo) – includes a discount at any NaturaCare® Healing Provider for consultation and/or treatment.  You may also get a discount on herbal compounds prescribed by your selected Provider (inquire with Provider).

CHILD PLAN ($1/mo.) – includes a discount for an Adult NaturaCare® Member’s child at any NaturaCare® Healing Provider for consultation and/or treatment.  The child may also get a discount on herbal compounds prescribed by his/her selected Provider (inquire with Provider).

ORGANICS+ PLAN ($4/Delivery + Food cost) – NaturaCare® truly believes in the statement, “Let thy food be thy medicine…”.  With today’s conventional farming usages of stronger and more deadly chemicals as fertilizers and herbicides, along with the Genetic Modification of seeds, the American Food Supply has become extremely HAZARDOUS to the health of the American People.  For this reason NaturaCare® will be offering weekly home delivery of (mostly locally grown) Natural and Organic Produce to specific zip codes throughout South Central Los Angeles.  This will enable inner-city residents to have healthy natural and organic food conveniently delivered to their doors, 1,2 or 4 times a month!  Please call our office at 323-299-9709 to find out the current zip codes being serviced with this very special program!


PLEASE NOTE: NaturaCare® advocates only natural healing practices and therefore DOES NOT support Pharmaceutical Drugs of any kind.


*Can’t Find the RIGHT Type of Healing Practitioner in our Directory?


Let us know the Practitioner you want to visit, and we will call to see if we can entice them to become a NaturaCare® Healing Provider, so that you can receive all of your NaturaCare® Membership DISCOUNTS!  We aim to please, and are working continuously to become one of the most effective and FLEXIBLE Healing and Wellness systems in the entire country!

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*NaturaCare® is a division of Youth Publications, Inc., a non-profit 501 (c)(3) California corporation.  All payment receipts will appear as donations to Youth Publications, Inc.



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