Arthritis, Depression, Rash

Dezember 24th, 2012

The peace and happiness that the Emotion Code has brought to my family is immeasurable.

At the time of the introduction of the Emotion Code into my own life, I was in a marriage that was near its end. A wife battling a severe depression, my oldest child who was reacting to her state in a painful way and myself facing a life threatening healing crisis which had developed in an ugly painful rash that covered much of my body. I had developed a severe arthritis that was conveyed to myself by the doctors that spinal surgery would have to be done.

I tried so many therapies such as bio-resonance to fight all of the viruses, parasites and bacterias that were being proliferated throughout my entire body. Other modalities that I used were acupuncture, counseling sessions with therapists, matrix re-patterning, conventional doctors and other meridian therapies.

What finally did it for me was the Emotion Code. I was able to release these powerful negative emotions and I felt my future being opened up where I could not see tomorrow anymore. I felt lighter and I felt a possibility for a tomorrow by not having the past any longer energetically placed before me.

Thank you soooooooooo much for the Emotion Code, without it, I would not have recognized heaven!

My wife’s depression, which was really bad, and made her a very difficult person to live with has completely disappeared. She is now a very gentle kind soul who shows more happiness and good health.

My oldest son who is a beautiful, very loving and caring light bearer himself, is now a very jubilant child who in one single session of the Emotion Code opened up in an ecstatic manner like never before. At the age of six, he had taken on so many negative emotions particularly from his mother that he would not talk much and would not share anything about his school day to jumping up and down and and thrusting information at me about how exciting his school day was. This was my greatest miracle, the one that made me cry.

My arthritis which had brought great pain to my right arm and hand vanished in one single session as well.

My painful rash disappeared very quickly as well, as did my sky rocketing high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Yes, my health was restored, as was my mission impossible marriage. My child has become a happy angel once again and I have discovered my healing gift that I can offer to many others.

Thank you Dr. Brad, thank you! This is the biggest gift that I have ever received.

It has also really opened me up to God in ways that I have never known possible before!

– Marco

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