Announcement: The Energy of Emotions – By Dr. Bradley Nelson

November 25th, 2012

Everything that exists in our universe is made up of energy.  We are like fish, swimming in an invisible sea of energy.  The wi-fi signal you pick up with your smart phone, laptop, iPad, Kindle, and other devices is an energy stream in the form of radio waves.  your heart and brain emit waves that can be monitored.

When you feel emotion, it is not just a feeling inside you. You actually emanate the energy of that emotion. You may not be able to see it, but it has a direct impact on your health. It can not only cause emotional pain, but physical pain.

Energy healing is one of the oldest practices in the world. Since 4000 B.C. healers have understood that our health depends on the quality of the energy that flows through our bodies. Chinese medicine calls it “qi.” Ayurvedic medicine calls it “prana.”

When that energy is blocked by trapped emotions, pain sets in. Only by releasing trapped emotions can you relieve the pain and start to heal.







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My Horse Is More Relaxed and Loving!

January 10th, 2013

I had heard about energy clearing online and found a program I was interested in. We moved and I didn’t have a chance to have it done. I moved my horses to our new location and soon I met Kim. She was walking by my horses and talking to them and appreciating them. She told me she was newly trained in energy healing and it was the same program I read about 6 months earlier! I couldn’t believe what a coincidence it was and I knew it was for me! Kim cleared my horses first and I noticed a change immediately. My 21 year old mare was a rescued horse and wasn’t very loving and she never really acknowledged me. Now she puts her nose up to mine and is so much more relaxed. She made a big turn a round. I really feel a connection with both of them that wasn’t there before. Next, Kim performed a clearing on me and after a few sessions I feel better and more loving and more forgiving. A lot of the negative feelings I held on to for years have just fallen away. No sadness or anger with letting them go. I woke up a week later and didn’t feel the anguish inside that I had for years. My Father recently passed away and I don’t think I could have gotten through it without the clearing. His death wasn’t piled on top of the old heap of negativity I was carrying around. Many of the emotions I felt were sad, no doubt, and there were many tears, however, the feelings were able to pass right through me without hanging around and I feel better each day since his passing.

The best part of the clearing was when I suggested it to my 28 year son. Kim gave him a rundown of the process showing him how easy it was and he agreed to it. His session didn’t take long and afterwards he didn’t feel any different. We forgot about it and didn’t mention it again. My son went through a lot when I divorced his Father when he was 4 and then he went to live with his Dad when he was 7. We were inseparable but because of extenuating circumstances living with his father was the best thing for him. I always felt this took a toll on his heart because even though he had girlfriends in High School he never found a girlfriend in his 20’s. Kim did great work with him because three months later he got back together with his old girlfriend and they are happy and doing very well. Kim helped him clear his block to intimacy and his “heart wall”. He is so happy and it is great to see him enjoying his life. My husband is next and we plan to have all our kids see Kim in the next year. We can’t wait.

Kim stays focused on the healing portion of the emotions so I never felt uncomfortable about past hurts or incidences that caused me pain. I didn’t have to re-live the bad experiences in my life which traditional therapy does. In a few sessions I was cleared and I plan on going back for a “tune-up” from time to time. Kim is all about the healing and she is doing a great service to the world through her healing! You will be amazed.

Cheryl J.
Hidden Valley Lake, CA

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Hip Replacement Pain, Hearing impairment, Diabetes

December 24th, 2012


My client, 85-year-old Paul B., is recovering from a hip replacement and has Type II diabetes as well as a significant hearing impairment. In his first Emotion Code session, we worked only on his hip pain and limping, which subsequently improved significantly, and this is the letter he wrote to me the day after his second session when we worked on releasing emotions related to all three complaints:

Dear Betsy,

Wow!!! Today I walked all over the place in a trip to San Marcos with my wife to run errands. I felt like running. I climbed stairs for the first time since the accident.

I heard every word spoken at the office in San Marcos and every word spoken by my wife since our phone call session. My TV sound level no longer sends whoever is with me to Cincinnati, Ohio.

AND my blood sugar level had dropped 17 points since this morning even though I’ve been eating my normal food.

What else can I say except here is a check for my session and my wife’s upcoming sessions with you. Truly, money is not the answer to how we feel about our contact with you. But it’s at least a start. More coming. Much love.Paul B.

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Knee Pain

December 24th, 2012

My husband hurt his knee many years ago and recently injured it again this past weekend. He was limping around in so much pain, even Lortab only helped for about an hour. He was lying on the bed and the pain was so intense that he asked me to do the EC to see if he had trapped emotions contributing to this pain. He rated the pain 8.5/10. We cleared 3 trapped emotions from his knee. He stood up, walked without a limp and rated it a 1/10. He was so giddy he did a little dance of joy and immediately gave thanks to God. I was sobbing and felt so grateful that we have this information (The Emotion Code) to help our bodies heal in a natural way. Thank you!!! – Kayleen Feil

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Arthritis, Depression, Rash

December 24th, 2012

The peace and happiness that the Emotion Code has brought to my family is immeasurable.

At the time of the introduction of the Emotion Code into my own life, I was in a marriage that was near its end. A wife battling a severe depression, my oldest child who was reacting to her state in a painful way and myself facing a life threatening healing crisis which had developed in an ugly painful rash that covered much of my body. I had developed a severe arthritis that was conveyed to myself by the doctors that spinal surgery would have to be done.

I tried so many therapies such as bio-resonance to fight all of the viruses, parasites and bacterias that were being proliferated throughout my entire body. Other modalities that I used were acupuncture, counseling sessions with therapists, matrix re-patterning, conventional doctors and other meridian therapies.

What finally did it for me was the Emotion Code. I was able to release these powerful negative emotions and I felt my future being opened up where I could not see tomorrow anymore. I felt lighter and I felt a possibility for a tomorrow by not having the past any longer energetically placed before me.

Thank you soooooooooo much for the Emotion Code, without it, I would not have recognized heaven!

My wife’s depression, which was really bad, and made her a very difficult person to live with has completely disappeared. She is now a very gentle kind soul who shows more happiness and good health.

My oldest son who is a beautiful, very loving and caring light bearer himself, is now a very jubilant child who in one single session of the Emotion Code opened up in an ecstatic manner like never before. At the age of six, he had taken on so many negative emotions particularly from his mother that he would not talk much and would not share anything about his school day to jumping up and down and and thrusting information at me about how exciting his school day was. This was my greatest miracle, the one that made me cry.

My arthritis which had brought great pain to my right arm and hand vanished in one single session as well.

My painful rash disappeared very quickly as well, as did my sky rocketing high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Yes, my health was restored, as was my mission impossible marriage. My child has become a happy angel once again and I have discovered my healing gift that I can offer to many others.

Thank you Dr. Brad, thank you! This is the biggest gift that I have ever received.

It has also really opened me up to God in ways that I have never known possible before!

– Marco

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Is Your Heart-Wall Making You Sick? – By Dr. Bradley Nelson

November 25th, 2012

During times of emotional pain or distress, you have probably felt a heaviness or an aching in the chest – this is where the words “heartache” and “heartbreak” come from. 

Because the heart is really the core of our being, energetically speaking, those feelings of heartache and heartbreak are really an assault on the deepest part of who we are. 

When this sort of thing happens, your subconscious mind will often want to do something to keep your heart from being totally broken. 

Sometimes you need to put up a form of protection, or a “wall” around the heart – but you can’t build a wall of nothing, right? 

What ends up being used as “building materials” are the most common excess energies in the body- Trapped Emotions. 

The problem is that the Heart-Wall doesn’t dissolve on its own, even if you don’t need it anymore. 

Having a Heart-Wall long-term is like living in a bomb shelter- it’s necessary short-term to protect you while the “bombs” are falling, but if you continue to “live” in there you’ll feel sad, disconnected, frustrated and, because having a Heart-Wall seems to depress the immune system, you may end up with heart trouble, as well as other unwanted problems down the road. 

The Heart-Wall can be removed, one emotion at a time- freeing you to live from your heart, create abundance and find true love. 

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