January 1st, 1970


Better Health Thru Research
Guy Danowski
I have been going to school since 1983 incorporating cutting edge therapies into my practice. I have all this information posted on my web site. Go and see my testimonials page done in video format and written documentation. I have many skills to help client be able to heal themselves. My work skills allow me to understand how Energy flows through our bodies that creates who we are. I teach my clients how this is done so they can experience how natural healing works. My specialty is being able to find the, cause or energy block, then remove it, so the body can heal itself. I use Sounds, Colors, Acupuncture, Manipulation, Clinical Nutrition, Diet (Blood Type), Homeopathy, Herbs, Massage, Healing Codes, (Electron Body Charger) all this to create (electricity flow or energy flow) for the body to heal. The body can heal itself we just need to help it move in the direction to heal itself. This is who I am: This is what I do: Guy Danowski MT.,BK.,CHCP.
DearBorn, MI

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