January 1st, 1970


Jyorei – Purification of the Body, Mind and Spirit
Annie Pierce
I am a Practitioner of Jyorei, which is a Spiritual Purification process developed in Japan during the 1930’s by Mokichi Okada. Even though the therapy began as a “hands-on”, or “touch” therapy, in 1950 Mr. Okada refined the procedure and devised a method, such that Jyorei Practitioners no longer needed to physically touch the receivers during the therapy. The Jyorei process is simple and effective. The receiver simply sits quietly with their eyes closed and their hands placed comfortably in their laps, palms up, with the right palm on top of the left. A normal Jyorei session usually lasts about ten minutes, with the Jyorei Practitioner focusing Divine Light from their hand to the receiver’s Third Eye for five minutes, and then, five minutes focused on the top of the head, after the receiver has lowered their head into the forward position with their chin on their chest. When there is a specific health challenge, the length of time the therapy is administered to the receiver is expanded, sometimes to hours, depending on the need.
Los Angeles, CA

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