January 1st, 1970

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Coati Theta Healing
Robin Coventry
Greetings, Coati Theta Healing helps you become an incredible you! By lovingly watching the Creator of All That Is awaken you and rid yourself of various baggage you have built up since childhood. Once you release life’s baggage amazing healings can occur. It is your birthright, to be a phenomenal you. Give me a call. Session are offered on the phone, Skype or in person. Once you experience Theta Healing and choose to go further, I would be happy to be your Instructor. If that is not possible, there are Theta Healers around the world in place and willing to help you be all you can be!!!! Enjoy Life!
Currently -Delaware
10% sessions !5% classes
Subtle Energy Techniques
Shoshana Michel
I am a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner and specialize in energy medicine modalities (The Emotion Code, The Body Code, EFT, TAT, Quantum-Touch, Flower Essence and Homeopathy). I love using energy healing modalities in my practice and have found them to be a fast, easy and very effective way to balance the mind, body and spirit. I work both with people and with animals. Sessions can be in person, on the telephone, by Skype or by proxy via email. Please feel free to contact me either by phone or email for more information. I look forward to helping you be happy and healthy!
New York

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