December 9th, 2012

DISCLAIMER:  We have opened the PRACTITIONER DIRECTORY of Healing Providers to ALL Natural Practitioners wishing to serve the NaturaCare® Membership.  So, PLEASE, DO YOUR HOMEWORK, and research your prospective Healing Provider, and call us at 323-299-9709 to place ANY concerns, or complaints!  While NaturaCare® can’t be RESPONSIBLE for the practices of any Healing Provider not providing excellent service, we can remove them from our PRACTITIONER DIRECTORY!

Also, if you do not find a type of Practitioner in your area to service your particular health needs, please call us at 323-399-9709.  We may be able to help you find the RIGHT Practitioner for your needs, OR if you find an excellent Practitioner who is not listed in our Directory, please call us so that we can contact  and discuss with them the benefits of joining the NaturaCare® Healing Provider family of Professional Natural Healers!
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