January 1st, 1970

Coati Theta Healing

Coati Theta Healing
Coati Theta Healing
Robin Coventry

I teach an introductory class and the following list of courses:
Introduction to Theta Healing – 3 hrs
Basic DNA – requirement for all advanced classes- 3 days
Advanced DNA- requirement for all advanced classes 3 days
Intuitive Anatomy 3 weeks
Disease & Disorder 1 week
World Relations 3 days
Rainbow Children 3 days
Manifesting and Abundance 3 days
Soul Mate 1 day
Game of Life – Business Development 3 days
DNA3 – 3 days
Animal Communication 2 days
Plant Communication 1 day

Theta healing is one of the fastest growing healing modalities in the world. It is widely known on the west coast of the US and in Europe, Japan and Australia.

It is an energy healing modality using focused thought and prayer. Much like quantum physics, Theta Healers initiate and arrange for the healing, God heals and the practitioner watches it happen.
It is a most amazing non-invasive method of therapy and healing.

If you are interested in a session. Log in to www.coatitheta.com to find details. I am offering a 10% discount on sessions. If you sign up for classes 15% discount. I am willing to travel the world to teach you Theta Healing®.

Currently -Delaware
10% sessions !5% classes

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Coati Theta Healing

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