January 1st, 1970

Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts
Healing Hearts
Kimberly Dornbush

I am a certified Emotion code practitioner and Law of Attraction life coach. I have been trained in the Body Code, Psych-K, EFT, heart intelligence coaching and the best experience of all is my life. I grew up with alcoholism, violence, mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. I love clearing Heart Walls from people and animals and seeing them return to their true selves. If you feel disconnected from your heart, talents and passions in life and want to have purpose and joy restored to your life please contact me. Change doesn’t have to be long and hard. The emotion and body code are very quick ways of identifying the core issue and once identified releasing it in minutes. So if you are tired of seminars, webinars and therapy and want to make 2013 your best year yet please contact me for a free 15 minute consultation by phone or e-mail. I also offer a combo package of coaching and energy releasing so if you want to create some new goals (coaching) and release any imbalances that stand in your way (emotion & body code) I would be happy to help. I can help you change deep core negative belief and replace it with a new positive belief using PSYCH-K for $45 per session.  All sessions are done by phone, Skype or by e-mail.
I have been working with Kim for over a year now.  During this time we have cleared so many blocks and past issues that I never would have imagined that I had.  The freedom I feel inside; the health my body now has; and, the way I look at the world around me, are all an effect of having done this work.  In releasing blocks from the past, I now have a relationship with my family members that I did not have before.  Life is expanding and growing in so many ways with joy and happiness that I did not think possible.  Thank you, Kim, for doing the work that you do!  Blessings!  Patricia Haller

Home in Northern California
707-987-9150 or 707-671-3620

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Healing Hearts

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