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Quantum Wellness

Quantum Wellness
Quantum Wellness
Shanie L. Gaudet

My name is Shanie L. Gaudet, CPT and I’m a Certified Emotion Code & Body Code practitioner. I’ve been able to help others in person and from long distances by means of what I refer to as THE QUANTUM THEORY – a theory in physics based on the concept of the subdivision of radiant energy into finite quanta and applied to numerous processes involving transference or transformation of energy in an atomic or molecular scale.I give credit to a higher source, my Creator, in order for me to help others (human or animal) by removing harmful energies, therefore allowing the body to heal itself!

EMOTION CODE: The Emotion Code is the simplest, easiest, and fastest method ever devised to find emotional baggage, using muscle testing and releasing it. Our emotional baggage consists of actual energies (Trapped Emotions). These energies are stuck in our physical bodies from emotional events that we have experienced in the past, which distorts the normal energy field of the body, creating an imbalance which causes pain, illness, all forms of disease, and even cancer. These energies are also behind PTSD, depression, anxiety, phobias, grief and all forms of mental illnesses.

BODY CODE: The body is made up entirely of energy, and what Dr. Bradley Nelson determined was that energy disruptions were the primary cause of both ill health and emotional issues. He found that most energy disruptions were caused by what he refers to as Trapped Emotions. These emotions are actual balls of energy that become trapped in various parts of the body, disrupting the natural energy flow (Chi). The Body Code covers imbalances in 6 different areas to include: Energies, Toxicity, Circuitry, Pathogens, Structural and Nutritional.

HEART-WALL: Not only can these Trapped Emotions become lodged in various parts of our body, but Dr. Bradley Nelson has discovered that when they are trapped around our heart, they can create a Heart-Wall. This is the body’s way of protecting us from hurt, but it also keeps us from giving and receiving love more freely. If you’ve ever been traumatized from a bad relationship, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it is to allow people to really get close to you. Clearing the Heart-Wall allows you to be open to love again. Heart-Walls can also block us from receiving abundance or financial success and once cleared it gives you the opportunity to enjoy all that your creator meant for you to receive.

ADDICTIVE HEART ENERGY: Addictive Heart Energy can also be cleared energetically. Dr. Nelson discovered this energy and after clearing it from himself, his lifelong “work-a-holic” behavior was eliminated. If you feel driven by addictions, you may have Addictive Heart Energy. You might expect to see this of people having difficulty giving up smoking, drinking or eating, but there are also many other addictive behaviors that may be overlooked, such as shopping, chocolate, computer use or inability to say “no”. Once cleared, it gives you the opportunity to be free of these energies that may have caused years of pain and suffering. This clearing is best done after the Heart-Wall has been cleared!

The EMOTION CODE and BODY CODE heals by virtue of allowing the body to heal itself through its normal protocol, when energies are released/balanced, in its intended and normal function. After connecting to your (or your animals) energy, I ask your subconscious mind (which acts like a hard drive on a computer and knows everything about your body and what is beneficial for you,) what energy disruptions are contributing to your emotional or physical issue(s), through muscle testing (applied kinesiology.) I then clear these energy disruptions energetically. Once these energetic blockages are remove, the body’s energy flow (Chi) can return to normal in that area. Over 90% of my sessions are done remotely, which allows me to help many people & animals from a distance with the same results as working with those in person. I look forward to helping you achieve overall wellness!

For people who are unable to see connections without physical interaction – who can’t imagine that thoughts can have a real action on physical things, there’s no better proof than what Shanie has done for me! We’ve never met, never touched, I’ve never heard her voice, I have no idea what she looks like and only just now read what state she’s in, I never even gave her my location. Nonetheless, the first email she sent me included information about my condition that I forgot to include, so she apparently went looking for it – and found it! She was dead on! Absolutely correct about information regarding my condition I never gave her, didn’t even give her any info she might have extrapolated the info she got from! I’ve done energy work, but I’ve always had to have my hands ON the person! I’ve been saying for decades that everything is connected to everything else. Shanie has quietly, matter-of-factly handed me incontrovertible proof! And she has done me a lot of good in the process. She’s a generous and gifted lady, and she’s clearly using that gift, or more likely a constellation of gifts, as they were intended to be used: to heal, to clarify, to make whole and healthy. This lady is a real Lightworker!”
Thank You Again, Shanie!

RESULTS FOR IAN: “Thank you, Shanie! Thought you might like to know that you may have saved me a surgery! I’m missing the C-spinal curve that’s supposed to be there, but it was acting as though I had another piece of annulus – the cartilagenous outer covering of the spinal disks between vertebrae – because when I look up or up and left I started losing sensation in my right arm and hand. As of yesterday that stopped happening! And it’s been going on for at least eight months. Those disk pieces tend to get wedged into nerve roots – the place where the smaller paraspinal nerves exit from the spinal cord through small openings in the spine between the bones. Several times now they’ve ended up almost cutting into the nerves, which is, believe me, a whole new world of pain! I’ve also never had C-Spine surgery before and wasn’t looking forward to it. Any time you open the central compartment you’re asking for more trouble, but there seemed no alternative – until you did whatever you did and it stopped pressing on that nerve. Well done, and many thanks!”

“I work with animal rescue and recently helped remove over 100 sick, starving, traumatized dogs and cats from the hands of a hoarder. Every animal had been suffering in a crate, in the dark, surrounded by his or her own feces and urine, for a year. A pile of skeletons was found in the back yard. One little poodle couldn’t close her mouth because of such horrid gum disease. Shanie not only helped me get through the nightmare of the smell and the pictures in my mind, but also several of the animals who were suffering so much I thought they might die. A chihuahua who had no hair left due to stress and starvation had lost the will to live. A cat who was giving up….even a donkey and a Belgian mare! All animals are reported to be springing back and learning to enjoy life again! They went from the most serious cases to on the road to recovery, thanks to Shanie! Shanie even picked up on an issue with my neck that causes painful stress related headaches that I never told her about and even though I expected one, I never got one of those painful headaches! When I thanked Shanie, she told me she had tears of joy at the realization she had helped not only me but animals who had given up on life. Thank you Shanie, you are a precious gift to the planet, I will never be able to express my gratitude in words!”
Sue R

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