January 3rd, 2013

Like many of you, I read all the books from The Secret to The Power of Now to Change your thinking change your life, etc…
I have been searching for a very long time and I have removed many emotional baggage that caused me much anxiety and stress in my 20s. At 32, there were still some lingering emotions that caused lots of limiting beliefs and on many occasions stop me from taking massive actions to take that leap towards the very best, me. I was determined to put an end to self-sabotage, distrust, and the lack of true self-love. After listening to an online interview of Dr. Bradley Nelson, a renowned holistic physician and lecturer of Emotion Code, speaking on the results of emotional energies trapped around the heart which he calls it a “Heart-Wall;” I decided that I had symptoms of this new term, “heart-wall.” The very next day, I landed at the door steps of Shoshana Michel, a Brooklyn-based Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.
For a first encounter, I was made at ease right away. She offered distilled water and a comfortable chair with leg rest. Not too far from the chair is a box of tissue that I found most useful. Before we started, I asked spiritual guidance for Michel help her help me best. Using a technique called Body Talk Access, Michel confirmed that I, indeed, had a “heart-Wall.” The questions poured in but they were not invasive. I felt comfortable. Many emotions that were trapped from previous generations, like my maternal grandfather to my rocky year 2003 to peeved and jealous early 30s, all were surfaced and removed.
“Do you need water?” Michel asked to ensure I stay well hydrated. As the session went on, I began to feel lighter emotionally. By the end of our two-hour session, I walked out of her home office feeling better and better. My spirit was lifted and I began to have such an awareness of my oneness to all being. There was an air of great possibility that has been unveiled. The most exciting moment was when one of my limiting beliefs surfaced, while driving home that afternoon, I laughed with certainty that this belief was powerless.
Now, I stand in my truth, that I am enough. All my meditations, yoga, all the books, etc… felt like seeds and my openness to trust this healing facilitator to help unleash my potential was the source of hydration. The wisdom of these books are taking roots into my and something great is sprouting.
The enthusiasm that brought me to Michel’s door steps felt equally or greater when leaving her home-office. I felt that her technique worked. She hugged me. She was happy for me. I wanted to experiment with these new found reliefs. I had kept my promised to myself to keep an open mind and heart to be healed. After all, did I not want to get rid of a “Heart-Wall?” Shoshana Michel helped me do just that.
THANK YOU! P.R. Brooklyn, NY

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