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December 27th, 2012

Who is NaturaCare®?

My name is Annie Pierce, and I’m the President of Youth Publications, Inc. a non-profit, California Corporation, created in 1979.  Over the years, we have published several printed educational publications such as the Los Angeles Community Coupon Clipper and the Community Circle News, which printed and circulated 30,000 newspapers, twice a month, from Pasadena, through Los Angeles, down to Long Beach; also, The African Connection, which distributed monthly current cultural and culinary information about African Countries to Elementary schools.

Since those printed media days, we have been Divinely-guided to redirect the educational publishing efforts of Youth Publications to the Internet, starting with www.YourCancerCure.net, created in 2009, when we discovered the shocking “news” that in 1952, Dr. Ernst Krebs discovered that Apricot Seeds cured and prevented cancer!   This knowledge immediately lead us into intense research on natural cancer cures.  In 2010, we became more technically adept and added videos to an expanded version of the first site, with  www.YourNaturalCancerCures.com, and in 2011, created the site www.Herbs4LifeNow.com, where visitors are empowered to design their own, customized herbal medicine compounds, following the guidelines of Dr. Jethro Kloss, author of “Back to Eden”.  My research and personal experience has shown me that raw organic fruits and vegetables are highly beneficial for achieving and maintaining optimum health, and in response to those findings, we created www.theseedconnection.org  in 2012, so that people could start taking control of their food supply by learning to safely grow natural and organic fruit and vegetables themselves!

By visiting these sites, you will clearly understand that Youth Publications is very interested in Natural Cures and Healing, Organic Food and Medical Freedom for American people.  That is why we’ve made introducing the American public, to NaturaCare® in 2013, top priority!   We’ve searched, but we didn’t find an existing Natural Healing and Wellness Network, whereby the general public can become Members for an affordable monthly fee; and have access to some of the finest Natural Healers in the country; and also learn powerful self-healing techniques to take full control and responsibility of their own healing and wellness, if they so desire.  Our Members will enjoy the freedom to CHOOSE a competent NaturaCare® Healing Provider,  AND receive service at a special discount just for our NaturaCare® Members!

We hope that you see the benefits for your health, your family’s health, and the financial health of your growing business, and will choose to become one of our Members, and/or one of our NaturaCare® Healing Providers!

Wishing each of  YOU, an exceptional state of desired wellness!

Annie Pierce


Please Submit YOUR Application TODAY!  Any Questions?????  Call Us Now! (323) 299-9709, OR

Send an email to  PRACTITIONERS@NaturaCare.net   or    MEMBERS@NaturaCare.net




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